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A City Center is the founding building for every city. When visiting a city through Estates, this where you'll end up. Any City Center that you have ever visited will be permanently in your Estates menu, so you can go back anytime by paying the Roc Feathers.


Joining a City

If you aren't a member of any other city, you can visit a City Center, tap it and choose to "Become a Member." This costs 1000 gold.

Your First Oil Well

The first thing to do after joining a City is to find an unclaimed Oil Well. Travel around on the city flags until you find one that you can claim.

Refining Oil

Also, if you have some Crude Oil that you want turned into Refined Oil, this is the place. To Refine Oil, just tap the City Center and select "Refine Oil." Then enter in the amount of Crude Oil you want to Refine.

Resources Needed:
Each unit of Refined Oil costs 1 Crude Oil and 1 Food

Leaving a City

You can only be a member of one city at a time. If you want to join a different city, first you'll have to visit your current city's City Center, tap it, and select "Leave City."

CAUTION: If you leave the city you are currently a member of, all of your city buildings (Oil Wells, Crystal Huts, Armories, etc) and your Golems will all be destroyed automatically. It is highly recommended to destroy these buildings yourself first so you get half of your resources back.

Founding a City

You can build a new City Center and found a new city, but it requires a lot of resources and a little teamwork. To build a City Center, you'll need to get two other players together and pick a spot. Then, the 1st player will build the foundation wherever he or she is standing. This player can build on unclaimed territory or on territory they own. The 2nd player will tap the foundation, and choose to "Add Walls." The 3rd and final player will tap the building and select "Finish City Center." Congratulations, you will have built a new city and all three of the founders will receive City Keys, allowing you to travel back to the City Center anytime you want, for free (via the Estates menu). Just remember, if the city is ever destroyed, the City Keys will no longer function.

Resources Needed:

When a city is founded, it will annex or create up to 12 flags (4 flags for the City Watch Towers, 2 flags for each founder still in the city, plus 2 additional flags). The city will not expand into the water (no Buoys).

Growth of Cities

  • Max size a city will grow to: Max city flags (not including City Towers) = 2 + [2 x (# of current members)]
  • Once a day cities will annex 1 flag per day for every 3 Flags below its max (rounded up).
    • Example: If a city has 43 flags and a max of 50, it will annex 3 Flags that day. (50-43=7 Flags below max --> 7 divided by 3 is 2.33 Flags to annex, rounded up is 3)
  • All City Flags will be automatically treated as hardened and have 3k HP total.
  • City annexation will attempt to replace destroyed city flags before expanding out.

City Destruction

  • Any attack on any City-owned building will make you an enemy of that City for 24 hours. This means:
    • You will not be able to use that City’s flags for travel.
    • City towers will attack you.
    • The Estate entry for that City will be removed.
    • City Members and Founders will receive a message when any City Flag/Tower or their City Center is burning or destroyed.

There are two main ways to destroy city property: you can destroy the City Center or City Flags

  • If a City Center is destroyed:
    • All City Flags, City Watch Towers, and all the members’ City buildings are destroyed.
    • The Trade Post is also destroyed and all items currently posted will be returned to the Seller.
    • The Estate listing is removed from all players.
    • City Keys will break. The image will change and they no longer provide any bonus.
  • City Flag destruction
    • You can only attack City Flags if there is a neighboring flag or buoy that is not part of that City. This includes flags from another City, personal flags, or kingdom flags.
    • If a player-owned City building (ie: oil well, crystal hut, armory, etc) is on a City Flag that is destroyed, the building will also be destroyed. The owner of the building will receive a notification if this happens.

Extra details

  • Must not currently be a member of any other city to found one
  • Must be close to real city center
  • City you are trying to found must have a real population > ~2000
  • All Roc Shrines/Guard Towers incorporated into the city as Watch Towers or normal flags will retain the name set to them
  • City will create new flags if there are none to annex
  • Nothing protects a flag from annexation except Kingdom buildings (i.e. whether a flag is hardened, public or not makes no difference, all can be annexed by city except Kingdom buildings)
  • City keys are awarded to each founder even when city remains incomplete. However, the City Keys will not work unless the City is complete.