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Acorns are important to unlock a special skill. Give 25 acorns to a Warden and you can unlock Warden Knowledge.

They are also used to craft Map Marker Kits and to upgrade Shock Mines on Floating Islands.

Where to Find
Acorns are found only in Groves. Unlike other Dungeon Treasures, they are not dropped from Dungeon Bosses, but are hidden in other rooms within the grove, which are often down passageways that are locked until one or two of the bosses have been killed.

When you enter an Acorn room, a message will appear at the top of the screen informing you that you have found an acorn, and it will be added automatically to your inventory.

You can get two Acorns per Acorn room by using a Scavenger's Lantern or by having a treasure buff active, or three Acorns with both.

Weight: 0.05 kg
Dump value: 10 gold