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Aether Metal


Aether Metal is a Special Metal made by using the Metallurgy skill. When using a weapon or armor with Aether Metal, there is a chance that the Aether buff will be applied to you. When this buff is applied to you, you can teleport around your circle instantly, without walking from one side to another. The buff will be removed after 5 seconds. The first attack done after teleporting will have a buff of +5.

Weapons infused with Aether Metal have a 30% chance of applying the buff.
Armor infused with Aether Metal has a 25% chance of applying the buff.

Crafting Requirements:

ice_metal.png banish_metal.png poison_metal.png shade_metal.png honed_metal.png dead_metal.png fire_metal.png wind_metal.png lightning_metal.png levitation_metal.png swift_metal.png retribution_metal.png life_metal.png

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