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The most awaited part of the Age of Ascension is here - the Airship! Only players who are Level 10 and above are able to purchase Airships, but all players can use their Griffin.


Obtaining an Airship

You will need to be Level 10 in order to purchase an Airship.

In order to buy an Airship, you will need to gather the following items:

Then, you'll need to visit the nearest large City that has a Sky Dock built, (Legends examples: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Happy Valley, Chicago, Madison, Moscow, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Portland). When you find a Sky Dock, you'll want to tap it, and select the option to Purchase an Airship. When you purchase the Airship, you'll be given the opportunity to name your ship, tho you can change it later for 300 Platinum.

A Manifest will be placed into your Personal Inventory. It will appear like this:

Airship Name - Cruiser Ship Manifest 100% Fuel 100%

You can use the Manifest to manage your cannons, crew members, and upgrades.

Cruiser Airship Information

Airship Options

The options on your Ship Manifest are listed below.

Equip Airship

Selecting this option allows you to Equip your Airship. Equipping your Airship tells the Sky Dock which ship you want to launch (if you own one or more Ships). You can only have one Airship equipped at a time.


The Upgrade Option allows you to upgrade the Maximum Health, Maximum Speed, and Armor of your Cruiser Ship. We'll outline all costs to upgrade Cruiser Ship here: Cost to Upgrade Cruiser Ship

You can also upgrade the Hull of your Cruiser ship, if you're Level 25 or higher. You can view all Cruiser Ship Hull Upgrades here: Cruiser Ship Hull Upgrades

Manage Cannons

Each Cruiser Ship purchased comes with two Starter Cannons (which CANNOT be upgraded). These fill two Lightweight Cannon Slots and can be replaced with new Cannons that you purchase at a Sky Dock or Kingdom Sky Dock.

As you upgrade your Cruiser Ship, you'll also receive additional Cannon Slots that will allow you to use more powerful cannons.

Since a Cruiser Ship is only able to equip Lightweight Cannons, review the Lightweight Cannons list to see which type of Cannons you can equip on your Cruiser Ship.

Select Primary / Secondary Color

You can also change the color of your airship from the manifest by selecting a primary and secondary color. Changing either color costs 200 Food. See Airship Colors

Name Airship

You can change your Airship's name for a cost of 300 Platinum.

Being Boarded

Your Airship might become boarded by enemies while fighting them in the Sky Realm. One must Fend off Boarders to get rid of them, for they affect your ship's abilities and potentially harm it.

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