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Airship Frame

These Airship Frames are obtained via Airship Frame Tickets rewarded to users who purchased one of the Food packages during the promotion period (20th May 2013 - 4th June 2013). They act as skins which can be applied to Airships you own, to change their exterior appearance to something a little more special.

If you want to purchase one of these Frames you might get lucky enough to find one at a Trade Hub or Trade Post.

Equipping A Frame

To equip an Airship Frame:

  • Open your items list and select the Ship Manifest of the Airship you wish to apply it to
  • Select the 'Manage Ship Appearance' option from the menu
  • Select the Airship Frame you wish to apply from the list that appears.

It is important to remember that certain Airship Frames can only be applied to certain Airships, therefore those Frames will only be listed for the Airship they can be applied to.

Airship Frames
Airship Airship Frame Airship Airship Frame
Elemental Airship Frame ship_gilded_harvester_up_right.png Artillery Airship Frame ship_gilded_sniper_up_right.png
Brawler Airship Frame ship_gilded_brawler_up_right.png Tank Airship Frame ship_gilded_tank_up_right.png

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