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All that Glitters is Goldfall Badge

Earned: DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=badge_artimus Unearned: DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashx?displayLayers=badge_artimus_dark

All that Glitters is Goldfall Badge is a badge given to players that have defeated Artimus, the Last of the Goldfall Dragons 50 times. Once this badge is earned, you will also earn the Title of "The Fallen". All that Glitters is Goldfall Badge is also a badge given to kingdoms that have members that have killed Artimus 150 times. For every kill added to one of the member's kill counts towards their personal badge, 1 kill is added to the Kingdom Badge kill count. Once your Kingdom earns the badge, you will get a Artimus Head to put in your castle and you will be able to get a buff that gives 2x gold when fighting any kind of Dragons.

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