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Ammit, The Goddess of Death, is an ancient an evil monster, from the depths of nothingness. Somewhere during the journey of the Cursed Pyramids to Parallel Kingdom, Ammit hitched a ride with the Cursed Pyramids. Ammit was introuduced to the Parallel Kingdom world in the Trick, Treat, or Explore Update, on October 23, 2012. She has been sleeping in the Cursed Pyramid ever since! If you happen to start the event at a Cursed Pyramid, (85% chance) you will first fight the Priestesses of Ammit, and then you will fight the mummified remains of Ammit's Priestesses, and then Ammit will be released from the Cursed Pyramid. If you can defeat her, the Cursed Pyramid will crumble to dust, leaving 3 unpolished "Cursed Pyramid Rings". Ammit is a tough foe, but upon defeat, she is worth the difficulty.

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