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Amulet Link


Amulet Links are rare items used to craft Amulets.

Used For: Crafting Amulets

Each amulet requires the following:

To craft:

  • Place the type of Ring Cores you would like to use on the Workbench in your Country Manor, if you are using Cores
  • If you are not using Cores, place Amulet Links on your Workbench
  • Tap the Workbench
  • Select "Craft".

No special skill is required, although you must have a Country Manor with a Workbench. However, if you are a Crafter, you will benefit from crafting Amulets in bulk quantities, because Crafter Bonus applies.

Crafting 10 Amulets will earn you the Linked Up Badge and the right to use the Title, "The Missing Link".

Where to Find

Amulet Links can be dropped, traded, and exchanged by Gift Box.

Weight: 1.0 kg

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