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Ancient Cloud City


Floating in the clouds, rest Ancient Cities that harbor the few remaining survivors of The Architects, an ancient civilization of immense knowledge. Each City contains a sole survivor of the race, suspended in animation. This being guards the City’s Levitation Stone that keeps the City afloat.

The only way that you can find an Ancient Cloud City is by activating a Seeker Temple. You will need Construct Hearts, which can only be obtained by defeating Construct Dreadnaughts. Construct Hearts are not tradeable. To locate a Could City will cost:


Awakening The Architect

Upon entering the Cloud City, four random Constructs will appear to protect the sleeping Architect. Once the initial batch of Constructs are defeated, The Architect awakens and begins attacking the intruder (you).

  • The Architect is very fast and generally not susceptible to Kiting
  • Melee weapons are more effective than range weapons
  • Heavy armor is the best protection against him, leather provides less protection, tunics the least

The Architect's Beacon

The Architect’s Beacon sits at one end of the room and pulses every 3 seconds with powerful energy that hurts you. Periodically throughout the fight, the Architect will move to the center of the Beacon to regenerate his health

  • He regenerates health for 15 seconds
  • Players can hit him during this time, but they risk taking damage from the Beacon’s pulse


Periodically throughout the fight, Constructs will spawn near the entrance and move to attack you. The Architect can only spawn a total of 50 Constructs.

The Architect's Aura - "Empowered" Constructs

When three or more (non-powered) Constructs get near the Architect, he channels for 3 seconds and unleashes an aura that empowers each Construct and the Player (within 125m) in a special way

Constructs move to the Architect when his Aura is unleashed, and become "Empowered". Empowered Constructs Attack and Defense double, in addition to following specific bonuses:

  • Shield Construct
    • +3 Defense
    • Shield Charge - Will even Shield Charge if the Architect is hit
  • Blade Construct
    • +100 Speed
    • Receives Honed Weapon Buff and Honed Armor Buff on enemies

The Architect's Aura - "Ancient Energy" Buff on you

  • The buff lasts for 30 seconds
  • It has no negative effects on you
  • If you get near the Architect's Beacon while the buff is in effect, you "overload" the Beacon. This will:
    • Destroy all Empowered Constructs
    • Damage the Architect if he is regenerating his health

Defeating the Architect

After the Architect has been killed, you will receive the City's Levitation Stone as a reward. As you exit the City with the Levitation Stone that was keeping it afloat, it will be destroyed.

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