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Ancient Dragon

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Dragons get more powerful as they age in Parallel Kingdom. However, most live short lifespans. Because of this, Ancient Dragons are somewhat of a rarity and only found in the depths of Dragon Lairs. These beasts are incredibly large and have been found to weigh up to seven tons and stand at over two stories tall. Ancient Dragons represent the final stage of a Dragon's growth cycle. In their old age, they retreat to the warmth of volcanoes and go into a state similar to that of hibernation. It is believed that mastering this technique is the secret to their unusual lifespan.

When first coming across one of these beasts, it will most likely be sleeping and not aggressive. However, Ancient Dragons are light sleepers. If you choose to wake one up, be prepared for one the most difficult fights the beasts of Parallel Kingdom can offer. Their aged scales shrug off even the strongest blows and their claws, though dull, swing with an incredible force. Unlike the common Dragons, Ancient Dragons can also proficiently breath fire and may even burn away 5 of your Max HP if you should fall to the flames. Should you make the safer choice of going around this sleeping monstrosity, make sure you bring a Fire Bomb to collapse any paths that might lead him to you in the future. You wouldn't want him showing up later in your journey through the Lair.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield

Item Drops