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Ashel Denaar


Ashel'Denaar, the Waiter in the Well, is a Legendary Monster.

Deep in the old forests, beyond the trees which smell of sulfur, there lies a small clearing. Within this clearing sits an ominous Well. Here awaits Ashel'Denaar. You shall meet him within his Well. You have little choice. Ashel'Denaar calls you forth and though your mind refuses, your legs will not stop. Should you fail to clear out this foe, the Well shall disappear and your chance to purge this ancient evil will be lost. However, stand victorious, and your friends shall all know your patience.

(Note: Ashel'Denaar is not always patient, and has been known to leave vacant Wells around the Parallel Kingdom when he has gotten bored waiting for worthy challengers to come and face him.)

Title Reward
The Patient

Badge Reward
Impatient in the Well Badge

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