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Attribute-Based Rings

Below is the list of Rings that are based on character attributes. All of these rings can be found in the Attribute category of Rings in Trade Posts.

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Attribute-Based Rings
Bonus Type Description Color Adjective Noun
+ Max HP Reduction Increases Max HP Lost By Players You Kill Purple Cursed Curse
Airship Armor Adds Armor to Airship Blue Solid Behemoth
Airship Boarded Attack Adds attack strength to you while you're being boarded Pink Thwarting Privateer
Airship Boarded Defense Adds defense strength to you while you're being boarded Purple Obstructing Vanguard
Airship Boarding Attack Adds attack strength to you while you're boarding an enemy ship Red Raiding Pirate
Airship Boarding Defense Adds defense to you while you're boarding an enemy ship Orange Pillaging Corsair
Airship Boarding Failure Recovery Removes time from recovery after failing a boarding attempt Yellow Merciless Raider
Airship Crew Attack Adds Attack strength to Crew Members Red Beserking Chieftan
Airship Crew Defense Adds Defense strength to Crew Members Green Defensive Shieldbearer
Airship Fuel Usage Reduces Airship fuel usage Red Efficient Captain
Airship Health Adds more HP to Airship Green Dense Goliath
Airship Speed Adds more Speed to Airship Orange Swift Pilot
Cleanse Decreased cooldown time Blue Cleansing Cleanser
Cleave Chance Increased chance to activate Cleave Orange Reckless Brute
Cleave Damage Cleave does more damage Red Cleaving Cleaver
Dodge Bonus Increases Dodge Chance Purple Dodging Tumbler
Extra Minions Increased player minion limit by 1/2/3 Black Commanding Leader
Fatality Increased damage dealt Orange Exploding Executioner
Griffin Attack Adds attack strength to Griffin Mount Yellow Pecking Eagle
Griffin Defense Adds defense strength to Griffin Mount Yellow Tamed Beak
Harvesting Bonus  % Chance to gain extra fruit when harvesting Pink Harvesting Harvester
Health Increases Max HP Red Sturdy Juggernaut
Hunter's Eye Chance Higher possibility of triggering Green Keen Gaze
Hunter's Eye Damage Increased damge with Hunter's Eye Green Exposed Flaw
Land Speed Increases Land Speed Red Speedy Racer
Oiyoi Strike Increased chance of triggering Orange Opening Opener
Rally Cry Decreased cooldown time Red Rallying Cry
Revenge Adds attack against any Player/Monster that Killed you within last 5 Minutes Wronged Revenge
Scavenge Higher possibility of receiving items Yellow Scavenging Scavenger
Tactics Charge Tactics bonus charges faster Green Strategic Strategy
Tactics Drain Tactics bonus drains slower Green Tactical Tactic
Taunt Decreased cooldown time Blue Taunting Taunt
Triumph Increased HP return Green Triumphant Triumph
Troodont Doctrine Mining Bonus Troodont Doctrine Mining Bonus Increase Orange Caveborn Cave-Dweller
Vampirism Resistance Vampirism Resistance Purple Graveless Vampire Hunter
Water Speed Increases Water Speed Blue Sailing Sailor
Weapon Range Increases Ranged Weapon Range Pink Accurate Archer
There are a total of 37 unique Attribute Rings.
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