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Axeman Golem


These are melee units useful for close range combat, be it versus a monster or another player, these units will do serious damage. Many players use axemen to help them hunt faster. They are built at an Armory.

It also possible to combine Axeman Golems with other Axeman Golems with Golem Fusing up to +6. One thing to remember, war golems are added to your minion count. This means only 5 total minions can be following you at any time.

Resources Needed: 1 Iron, 10+ Crystal

The Crystal costs rises as the number of Axeman Golems you have grows.

This is one of the war golem units. War golems will follow you a short distance when set to follow, but if you jump more than roughly 1 flag away they will not follow. War golems will only jump large distances with you, when set to follow, to your city center, kingdom castle, war outpost, or warcamp. If a war golem gets lost they can be called back to your warcamp using a Compass.