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This is where you'll store all the items you find in your adventures and each backpack has a limited capacity. This makes the backpack one of the most essential items, to a point. As you'll want to have enough room for everything you're going to carry, at least until you decided to sell items, or store them somewhere like on the floor of your Manor.

Where to Find
You start without any, but have a natural carrying capacity of 5.0 kg of stuff. Each backpack carries 3.0 kg (Its own weight is 1.0 kg: so a net gain of 2.0 kg per +0 backpack). You can (and hope to) get these from all the certain monsters: Trolls, Troodonts, Dragons, and even Dusk Trees if they devoured one of the above. Upgrades start at 100 gold, and increase your carrying capacity by 1.0 kg. Successive upgrades become more expensive (200, 400, etc...)

Crafting Backpacks
Having trouble finding them? Players with the Leatherworking skill have the ability to craft +1 backpacks.

Weight: 1.0 kg (Effective weight: - (backpack level+2) kg
Dump value: 1 Gold, regardless of level (Might not be able to dump above +5)