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Banner Golem


  • A Banner Golem can be deployed on land or water that is open or allied.
  • Once deployed, it can be visited by the owner, the owner's friends, and the owner's kingdom members.
  • It cannot be attacked by towers or sieged
  • It cannot heal, be banished or be "packed"
  • It can be destroyed only by the owner

Creating a Banner Golem

Banner Golems are grown within a Siege Factory. Materials required for one are:

Deploying a Banner Golem

Once created, a Banner Golem must be Deployed (similar to a [Siege Golem]])

  • Movement speed is equivalent to a Siege Golem
  • Can be deployed on open or allied land or water
  • Cannot heal or be banished
  • Time to deploy is dependent on the level: 30/25/20/15/10/5 minutes

Using a Banner Golem

Once deployed, a Banner Golem has the following properties:

  • Can be visited by the owner, owner's friends, and owner's kingdom members
  • Cannot heal or be banished
  • Cannot be attacked by Towers or Seige Golems, and a Firebomb Golem only deals 2000 damage
  • Can be destroyed by the owner, which completely removes it
  • Maximum HP is 2500 per level (2500/5000/7500/10000/15000)
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