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Being a City Mayor


Being Mayor of Your City

First off, congratulations on becoming Mayor of your City! For some players, this is a pretty tough position to obtain if you have other City Members competing with you. Here's a little Guide of what's next, as well as some tips and ideas for you while you are the Mayor of your city.

Expanding Your City

If you're interested, as Mayor, you can expand your City's coverage by adding more City Flags. Adding city Flags is done by any City Member, but the Mayor is able to do this as well. There are a couple small stipulations that regulate how cities grow and add flags, below:

Restrictions on Expanding City Area

  • City Flags can only be added if there are enough City Members to support additional flags.
    • currently, your city supports 10 flags, plus 5 for each Active City Member.
  • City Flags can only be added to a city if they are within 1km of an existing City Flag.
  • Only the Owner of a Flag can upgrade the Flag into a City Flag
    • the flag must be hardened before it can be upgraded into a City Flag
  • Converting a personal Hardened Flag into City Flags cost 100 Crystal.

Tips on Expanding City Area

  • If your city is bordered by Flags owned by a Player that's not a member of your city:
    • you can ask that Player to destroy his flag,
    • you can burn or Explode a Firebomb Golem on the flag,
    • you can offer to replace the Materials lost, or offer some Gold, if the player destroys the flag for you.
  • If you need Crystal to expand your City:
    • you can ask the City Members to set a low harvest cost so you can harvest their Crystal,
    • you can use your own Crystal,
    • you can go collect Crystal from other Cities by means of Harvesting or Raiding.
  • If you need more players to increase your City's Flag limit:
    • you can offer players some sort of payment to join your City for a little while,
    • you can offer players some sort of payment to stay in your city for a duration,
    • you can kindly request your Mentees to join your City while they learn the game.

City Coins, They're Important!

Info on City Coins

If you don't realize the importance of City Coins yet, let's dive into the reason why they are necessary. First and foremost, if you want to upgrade any City Flags into City Towers, or if you want to add any of the City Buildings to your City, you will need lots of City Coins. While the costs of some of the upgrades and additions to your City may seem overwhelming or impossible, let's not forget the fact that if you decide that you want a lot of coins in a short amount of time, you can offer to give Players the Refined Oil they need so they can enter your City Sewer and complete it, or you can hunt all over your City to earn coins, too. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to earn City Coins:

Tips on Earning City Coins

  • use Inspiration Tonics. Drinking an Inspiration Tonic will grant a 10% boost to all Pages Earned, which can translate in to many more City Coins for you.
  • pay players to run your City Sewer!
    • offer players the 10 or 20 Refined Oil to run your Sewer. Offer them a couple Inspiration Tonics, also, to boost the Coins they earn for you.
  • Always harvest your Oil Wells and Crystal Huts. Harvesting earns you several City Coins, so if your City Members don't Harvest their Wells and Huts, ask them to set a low/no harvest cost so you can continue to earn coins!
  • Always hunt your City's land! Clear the area (or as much as possible) so you get continual spawns every 6 hours, maximizing your Coin-earning ability.
  • Every Tree chopped (and Mine mined) can earn you 2 City Coins. Chop chop chop!

We've mentioned Inspirations Tonics, so here's a small example of how Tonics can boost the number of Coins players can earn:

Pages Earned, Comparison
Pages Coins
Pages Earned 1000 200
With Tonic 1100 220

Fortifying Your City

Info on Fortifying Your City

You may have already seen some Cities with many City Towers of different levels. You can add these Towers to your own City, for a cost. Here's the list of pries for each level of Tower that you can add to your City:

  • City Towers have 5 levels available, each Level stronger than the last:
    • Level 1 - 1,000 City Coins & 200 Crystal
    • Level 2 - 3,000 City Coins & 400 Crystal
    • Level 3 - 10,000 City Coins & 600 Crystal
    • Level 4 - 30,000 City Coins & 800 Crystal
    • Level 5 - 100,000 City Coins & 1,000 Crystal
  • City Flags can only be upgraded into City Towers by the Mayor.

Tips on Fortifying Your City

It's not a bad idea to begin adding Towers around the borders of your City, in case someone wants to come and attempt to destroy your City. Having Border Towers is an added defense against your City, as the Towers can defend themselves, and upgrading your Towers to higher levels will also increase the Tower's attack and defense strengths, further aiding you in the case of your city being attacked.

Adding Additional Features to your City

Info on Adding More Buildings to City

A Mayor of a City has the unique privilege of adding several different buildings to the City, each one having a different, essential function. All Buildings have a cost attached to them, with the Material costs coming from the Mayor's Inventory. Below, all of the City Buildings you can add to your City are listed, by order of importance:

Priority Buildings to Add

  • City Sewer
    • the City Sewer costs 100 Iron Slag, 1,000 Crude Oil, 20,000 City Coins
    • the City Sewer is a small dungeon that allows any player in Parallel Kingdom to earn City Coins for the Sewer's City.
    • the City Sewer is open to players of all levels.
    • the City Sewer entry cost is 20 Refined Oil, and 10 Refined Oil for Platinum Players.
    • the (unofficial) average of City Coins that are earned for each player who completes a City Sewer ranges from 700 to 2000.
  • Market
    • the Market costs 1,000 Silk, 200 Wood, and 10,000 City Coins. This is Level 1.
    • the Market allows you to purchase City Coins:
Purchase City Coins
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
City Coins 100 200 300
Food Cost 3 5 7
    • The following table shows you the upgrade costs, to upgrade the Market from Level 1 to 2, and from Level 2 to 3.
Upgrading the Market
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 TOTALS
Silk 1,000 2,000 3,000 6,000
Wood 200 300 400 900
Coins 10,000 20,000 30,000 60,000
    • You are also able to purchase different items from the Traveling Merchant that may be at your Market. The items available at the Market's Traveling Merchant are the same as the items you may find at a Traveling Merchant that you spawn outside of your completed Dungeon.
  • Troll Embassy
    • the Troll Embassy costs 50 Stone, 1,000 Berries, and 10,000 City Coins. This is Level 1.
    • Troll Embassies have the following features:
      • Sells Roc Feathers in batches of 10, 100, and 1,000
      • You can Make Peace with Trolls for 10 Berries
    • The upgrade costs are as follows, as well as some other useful information:
Upgrading the Embassy
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 TOTALS
Stone 50 100 200 350
Berries 1,000 2,000 3,000 6,000
Coins 10,000 20,000 30,000 60,000

Roc Feather Purchases
10 Feathers 100 Feathers 1,000 Feathers
Level 1 100 1,000 10,000
Level 2 90 900 9,000
Level 3 80 800 8,000
  • Oil Refinery
    • The Oil Refinery costs 50 Iron, 100 Wood, and 2,000 City Coins.
    • the Oil Refinery is the cheapest to build, and it enables you to Refine Crude Oil into Refined Oil.
    • 1 Refined Oil costs 1 Crude Oil and 1 Food each. You can refine as much Crude Oil as you'd like, provided you have enough of both Food and Crude Oil.

Other Buildings you Can Add

The other City Buildings are not as crucial to City development as the Buildings we've mentioned above, but they're wonderful to have for novelty purposes, and entertainment! They're listed below, with costs and all the info you need about them!

Trade Post Costs
Wood Stone Coins
200 100 10,000
  • allows anyone to buy and sell items.
  • will contain Limited Edition Swag upon release, just like any other Trade Post

Tavern Costs
Level 1 Level 2 TOTALS
Wood 200 400 600
Iron Slag 100 300 400
Coins 8,000 25,000 33,000
  • Building HP:
    • Level 1: 40,000
    • Level 2: 80,000
  • Level 1 Features:
    • Bar sells Roc Nog and Berry Punch drinks for 250 gold each.
    • Has a tavern bulletin board
      • only City Members can write on the Billboard, and their name is signed to their comment when they Submit.
  • Level 2 Features:
    • Bar sells Roc Nog and Berry Punch drinks for 200 gold each.
    • Adds a Keg Holder where players can put their own Roc Nog or Berry Punch
      • Players can set their own cost, up to 2,000 gold, per drink.
      • Kegs expire 24 hours after they're placed in a Tavern
      • when the Keg is empty or Expires, it automatically disappears.
    • Adds Gyront Card Table (wager is set by Mayor, up to 1,000 gold)
  • Everyone in the tavern can chat on Map Chat.
  • Change the color of your name by drinking Roc Nog or Berry Punch
  • Play Gyront Cards at the Gyront Table

Proving Grounds Costs
Stone Iron Coins
100 100 20,000
  • Building HP: 40,000
  • Dummy in corner allows you to check your strength by showing this data:
    • Melee attack level
    • ranged attack level
    • body armor defense level
    • off-hand defense level
    • Effective Spawn level
  • all normal rules apply:
    • no HP, Gold, or Backpack loss when killed
    • no pages earned when you kill someone
    • weapons do not wear down during fighting
    • kills DO count toward the Headband of Norris
    • fighting someone does not make them Enemy
    • a vampired player does not pass vampirism to his/her killer
    • players can't be banished
    • pets' and minions' death penalty is NOT protected
    • dying does NOT decrease your HP

Barbershop Costs
Wood Coins
500 10,000
  • Building HP: 40,000
  • Purchasing new Appearance earns the City 1,000 City Coins
  • City Coins earned from Appearance purchases do not count toward Industrialist Hat
  • Any player can purchase a new Appearance for 450 food, with these modifications:
    • face
    • hair
    • other features

Other Tips and Hints

Holding Races

Since you're the City Mayor, and you probably want to expand your City, you can hold one of many different types of races. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Gold for Each Coin Earned
    • All players can view the City Profile by tapping on the City Center and selecting View Profile, or going to Menu > Character and tapping on their City Name. This City Profile will show all City Members a list of all of the members in their City as well as how many City Coins each member has earned.
    • This can allow the Mayor to compensate City Members for the amount of City coins they've earned throughout the week.
    • City Coin Earned counts reset on Sundays, at Midnight Central Daylight/Standard Time.
      • It is highly advisable for a Mayor to end a City Coin race approximately 1 hour earlier than the Reset Time, in order to pay all City Members appropriately.
    • Since the Mayor and all City Members can view all members' earned Coin count, the Mayor can pay each Member or the top 3 earning members appropriately, for their time and efforts.
  • Gold-per-coin rates can vary, depending on the Mayor's desire to earn coins, the city size, the member count, etc.
  • Prizes for Top 3 Winners
    • similar to the previous suggestion, offering Prizes for the Top 3 Coin Earners in your City may be an alternative option to paying gold for each coin a member earns. You, as Mayor, should decide the prizes you offer based on the size of the city, member base, and amount of coins that can possibly be earned.

City Hat Races, Worldwide!

Industrialist Hat

The Industrialist Hat is awarded to the Mayor of the ONE city that PRODUCES the most coins, in one week, out of all of the cities in the Parallel Kingdom world. You can view the standings of each weekly Industrialist Hat race by going to Menu > Players and selecting the Industrialist Hat label.

Industrialist Hat Race Suggestions

It's a good idea to prepare yourself for the Industrialist Hat race, because you'll need to convince players to come and complete your City Sewer. A good idea for compensation to these players would be to offer to pay their cost for running the Dungeon (20 Refined Oil) and you could offer them something else, too, like 5,000 gold or some other reasonable incentive for helping you and your City win the Industrialist Hat.

Urban Developer Hat

The Urban Developer Hat is awarded to the Mayor of the ONE city that spends the MOST COINS, in one week, out of all of the cities in the Parallel Kingdom world. You can view the standings of each weekly Urban Developer Hat by going to Menu > Players and selecting the Urban Developer Hat label.

Urban Developer Hat Race Suggestions

There aren't many suggestions to make for this race, aside from recommending that you save at least two million City Coins before attempting to win this Hat Race. You're competing against the largest cities in the Parallel Kingdom world, who may earn more City Coins in one day than your City earns in one week due to their sheer size and member base. Watch the Industrialist Hat and Urban Developer Hat race standings on Saturday night for a few weeks to get an idea of what you're up against, as well as to form a goal for your own attempt to win the Urban Developer Hat. Best of all, Good Luck to you and your City!

Other Notes About This Guide

This guide is not intended to be a 'specific direction' for any Mayor to take. This is simply a suggestion-based Guide that may help you decide what you'd like to do while you're the Mayor of your City. If you choose to NOT do anything in this Guide, you're obviously not going to be penalized in any way, because this Guide to Being a City Mayor is a recommendation of different things you can do, as we've mentioned before. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions on how we can improve this guide, please take a moment and leave your thoughts in the Guide Discussion section of the Parallel Kingdom Forum.

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