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Being a City Member


If you've found yourself wondering if it's beneficial to be a member of a City in Parallel Kingdom, take a few minutes to read this informational guide to decide whether or not being a City Member is right for you. As with many players in Parallel Kingdom, being the member of a City may or may not be the activity of choice for you.


Why Join a City?

There are several reasons why a player may choose to find a city:

There are an infinite number of reasons why a player may want to join a City and reap the benefits of being a City member. We'll touch on a few of these reasons below.

Choosing a City

For some players, the location of the City they choose to join can actually determine how much they enjoy playing Parallel Kingdom. Some players choose to join one of the largest and most active cities, while other players choose to join some of the most remote cities that exist. Some players don't mind being in a widely public place, while others love the silence and serenity of being in a city where they're the only member, enjoying the ability to do whatever they wish. The choice is up to you - if you end up deciding that you don't enjoy the city you're in, you always have the option of leaving that city and moving into a new one!

Joining a City

Once you find a City that you would like to join, you can join it simply by picking an open area, then pressing Menu - Create - Build and select City House, which will cost only 2 Wood and 1000 Gold. This newly built City House will appear in your Travel list for easy access.

Gathering Resources

Crystal Huts


As a member of your city, you are able to build a Crystal Hut which will allow you to eventually gather Crystal every so often. Crystal is used in a variety of ways ranging from Kingdoms to crafting Interior Decorations, Exterior Decorations, and creating Golems. In order to gather Crystal from your Crystal Huts, you'll need to grow Golems, which is explained next.

Oil Wells


Oil Wells are found anywhere on city land. They originally start as a black hole in the ground with the option to Claim for 5 Wood. Once you've claimed an Oil Well, you'll be able to use the option to grow Golems, which are used for a variety of purposes explained on the Worker Golem page. Grow a few Golems, then tap each one and instruct them to Gather Crude Oil, or Gather Crystal so you can begin to harvest resources!

Earning City Coins

One vital part of a City's growth and strengthening of infrastructure is earning City Coins, which are used to add one or more special buildings only available in cities. Read more about City Coins for more information.

City Chat


As a member of a City, you're allowed to be a part of a special City Chat room in which you can communicate with all online members of your City if they also have City Chat turned on. Simply go to your Menu - Chat screen and place a tick in the box next to City Chat, then open the chat and say hello!

Other Notes About This Guide

This guide is not intended to be a 'specific direction' for any player to take. This is simply a suggestion-based Guide that may help you decide what you'd like to do while you're a member of your City. If you choose to NOT do anything in this Guide, you're obviously not going to be penalized in any way, because this Guide to Being a City Member is a recommendation of different things you can do, as we've mentioned before. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions on how we can improve this guide, please take a moment and leave your thoughts in the Guide Discussion section of the Parallel Kingdom Forum.

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