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Berry Punch


Berry Punch is one of the barrels of drink that can be crafted. The other is Roc Eggnog.

They are both used inside your house (a perfect complement to a game of Gyront Cards). When the barrel is placed, tap the barrel (pun intended) and select "Open." Then set the price for each drink. After that, anyone that is in the house can tap the barrel and "Take a Drink." As you drink the color of your chat messages will change from blue to red accordingly. Just be careful to not drink too much or you will find yourself incapacitated for a bit.

Berry Punch is similar to Roc Eggnog, but it is about 1/5 the strength. Both barrels contain 200 drinks to go around and they must be used within 3 days of opening them or they go to waste.

To craft:
Go into your Workshop and tap the Workbench. Place some Mourning Berries and then tap the Workbench again. Select "Craft" and one of the options will be Berry Punch.

Craft Requirements