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Blaze Rod


Blaze Rods are resources that can be found in the Sky Realm. Blaze Rods have a few different uses throughout the Sky Realm, but are commonly used in purchasing and upgrading Cannons. Blaze Rods can be acquired two different ways. The first way, and the most common way, is to refine Blaze Rods at a Refinery. Refineries are buildings that can be found in the Sky, and need to be unlocked to use. Once you unlock a Refinery for a Lightning Element, a Wind Element, and a Water Element, you can use it to refine Blaze Rods. Bring a Fire Element, a Water Element, and a Lightning Element to your recently unlocked refinery, and click Refine. Within 15 seconds, you will have 10 Blaze Rods! The second way to get Blaze Rods is to receive them as a reward from a completed board of an NPC Construct ship. There are multiple possible rewards that you can get from completing a Construct Ship, and Blaze Rods are one of the possible rewards. Blaze Rods are tradable.

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