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Bricks are the basic resource in Kingdom life. Bricks have numerous uses in a Kingdom.

Uses for Bricks

Ways to Get Bricks

The base calculator from Pages to Bricks is 1 Brick for every 10 Pages. Bricks are only earned when pages are earned on Kingdom Land. Kingdom Land includes:

  • All KD Flags, Towers, and Obelisks.
  • All Dungeons that are on KD Flags, Towers, and Obelisks.
  • War Towers and War Outposts.

Besides bricks being generated by earning pages, Kingdoms can get bricks by:

  • When KD's are first created, they start with 500 Bricks.
  • Bricks can be created by members purchasing them with Food at the Brick Furnace
  • Bricks can be given to a KD when they accept a surrender request from another Kingdom.
  • Winning the Dark Monolith Kingdom War event.

Bricks are earned for ANY pages on KD land. Even non-members can create bricks, which go into the KD store. KD members automatically have a 2x modifier, which means their base modifier is 5 pages for 1 Brick.