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Broodmother Dragon


Broodmother Dragons may not even exist. Only a few adventurers claim to have seen one and survived, and they are mostly regarded as liars. Ancient Monk texts have spoken of a legendary female dragon capable of shooting fireballs and summoning her brood to her side with the flick of a tail, but these texts were found soaked with Roc Eggnog and have yet to be verified by experts. One thing is for sure, if there is a Broodmother Dragon, she would surely be in the Dragon Lair and you would not want to meet her.

If certain adventurers are to be believed, Dragon Broodmothers can be found at the end of each Dragon Lair that you encounter.

The Broodmother Battle

While you're fighting the Dragon Broodmother, you'll notice a few unique things. First, sometimes she will call on help from some Lair Dragons, who will enter the room and begin to fight you. You may even have to fight another Ancient Dragon, so be prepared to fight hard!

You will also notice that the Broodmother's helpers will have a small Buff icon beneath them. This is the Roar Buff that the Broodmother is giving to her friends, which is giving them a +3 Attack bonus against you. View the Dragon Roar Buff icon here.

Beware of the Broodmother's fireball. If it kills you, your max health will decrease by 5.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield

Item Drops
Dragon Egg