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Buoys are the structures that mark your territory in the water. You can travel to any Buoy you own that you can see by tapping it and selecting "Visit." This costs 2 Roc Feathers. You can also travel to any Public Buoy within sight and to anyone else's buoy who has granted you Right of Passage.

Destroying Bouys is relatively easy. They have similar characteristics to an Unhardened Flag - 200 Hit Points and a very short burn time.

To build a new Buoy, you'll probably need to get into the water first. To do this, tap anywhere out in the nearby water and you'll get the option to "Build a Raft." If you spend the resources (3 Wood, 3 Crude Oil and 2 Silk) and you'll see a raft under your character. After you're out in the water, find some open territory in the water and go to "Menu" >> "Create" >> "Build" >> "Buoy"

Resources Needed: 3 Crude Oil, 5 Wood

Building Hit Points: 200
Burn Time: 30 Seconds