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Learn to craft useful exploration Items like Compasses and dig up Rare Treasures. Cartography is a great skill for people that love exploring. If you are an Explorer, the Cartography Skill is an extremely useful skill to have. With Cartography, you have the ability to make maps of the Parallel Kingdom world. You could make a treasure hunt, or record a specific location with a Treasure Map. You can map out a dungeon with a Dungeon Map, and you can also get an overview of an area of PK by making a Territory Map. Cartography is also a great skill if you want to craft map-related items.

Level 1 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

Level 2 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • Can craft Shovel
  • Your Compasses wear down at 2% per use
  • You are able to see and dig up Silver Buried Treasure to find rare Items

Level 3 (cost: 1 Skill Point)