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Category:Знаки Отличия

There are a number of badges available for performing certain tasks within Parallel Kingdom. They are considered status symbols that will show other players how hard you have worked in PK.

Some of the badges be earned through the course of normal play, often over a long period of time, but others will be much tougher to acquire. Some must be earned by killing monsters indigenous to a world continent. Some must be earned by running the various dungeons in PK. Some are earned by crafting, building, selling, and many of the various tasks available to players in PK.

You can view your own badges or the badges of other players by checking the "badges" tab on their profile. The count displayed next to each badge shows you your progress and goal. When you have achieved a badge it will be lit up, your progress will continue to rise as you perform more of those actions, and the badge will be moved to the top of your badge tab.

A single page listing all the information for every badge can be found here.