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Category:Kingdom Badges

A Kingdom Badge can be earned when Kingdom members have thoroughly conquered a Legendary monster, by receiving 150 badge points for killing monsters of that type.

Every time a Legendary monster is killed, the five individuals who did the most damage to it will be awarded a ring. The ring goes directly into inventory, and a message pops up informing the player that a ring has been awarded. Each person who receives a ring also receives one point of badge credit for their individual badge, and one point of badge credit for their kingdom's badge.

If more than one member from the same kingdom works together to kill the same monster, it is possible for the kingdom to earn as many as five badge points simultaneously.

Once the Badge is earned the Kingdom will receive a Monster Trophy to mount within the castle. Four can be mounted at once and when kingdom members enter the castle they will receive an eight hour buff for all of the Legendary Trophies that are displayed.

Images of the Legendary Trophies as they appear on castle walls are now available for viewing.

Kingdom Badges
Artimus, The Last of the Goldfall DragonsAll that Glitters Is Goldfall2x Gold when fighting any kind of Dragons
Ashel Denaar, The Waiter in the WellImpatient in the Well10% increase in gathering or raiding Crude Oil
Beridan, The Smoke and the FireDousing Fire+1 attack against all Bosses
Eternus, The Fist of the GraveNothing's Eternus+1 defense against all Bosses
Jhromungand, The Serpent of the SeasThorr's Vengeance+1 attack against water monsters
Lilia, The Alluring VoiceTalara's Hopeful+1 Defense against water monsters
Shagurthaguish, The WorldwurmEat This10% increase in gathering or raiding Crystal
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