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Category:Legendary Monsters

A list of the most terrifying specimens in this world or any other... These powerful creatures offer great challenges and great rewards. They can only be found while wandering the lands (and seas) of Parallel Kingdom.

Once found, they should be engaged with a group of strong players. You can also save their position with 25 Gem Dust for later attempt or otherwise they will wander off if player leaves the location. A player can have one legendary location saved with gem dust at a time, three for Platinum members. The location is saved for three days, but is only good for one use - if you use it then wish to leave again, save the location again. To return to a "dusted" Legendary, if your estate list is in alphabetical order, it will appear in your estate list alphabetically under the legendary's name, for example, "Lilia".

Legendary monsters will also wander off if their opponents aren't challenging enough to keep them interested.

There are great benefits available to Kingdoms whose members prove themselves worthy against a Legendary monster by earning a Kingdom Badge.

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