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These are special tokens given by killing Vicious and Epic level Monsters and completing dungeons. Specialization Tokens are player bound, and as such they cannot be traded, dropped or dumped.

You can use them to craft Specialization Token Potions or Token Tonics. To craft these, go to the "Create" Menu, then "Create Token Potions". Any class can craft any potion, if you have the materials to do it.

NOTE: MONKS WILL ONLY ACCEPT TOKENS FROM YOUR CURRENT CLASS. So if you are considering changing classes, you may want to find a monk before you do, because you won't be able to use them after you've changed, until/unless you change back again.

If you find a Monk, you can exchange these tokens, along with some Food, for:

There is one type of token per specialization. While you are a class, you will only earn tokens for that class, and buy gear, decorations and titles for that class, and spend tokens from that class on skill points. If you want stuff from all specializations, then you will have to switch.

Not all monsters give these, so do not be disappointed if the first few you kill are token-less. When receiving one for the first time, a congratulatory message will pop up on the screen. Subsequent times, another message will pop up, telling you how many you earned. Completing Dungeons also rewards you with a tokens.

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