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Cerberus is one of the three bosses within a Twisted Prison. Cerberus is the third and final boss inside of a Twisted Prison, and is the most difficult as well. He is a large, powerful, and vicious three-headed dog, who guards the altar of the Twisted Prison. He can be found in the last room of the Twisted Prison, the room at the top of the Stairs of Judgement.

Each head of Cerberus has its own special attack.

Each head must be defeated, one by one. Once all three heads are destroyed, you will be awarded with a healthy chunk of gold and pages, in addition to 50 Seals of Judgement. Toresti's Altar will be revealed, allowing you to unlock the Deathsoar Judgement Skill if you haven't already done so. The Altar also contains one piece of the Key of Order. There is only one piece in each Twisted Prison.

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