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Char Bush

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The Char Bush is a Continent Bush. Continent Bushes are special bushes that only spawn in a certain continent of the world. Char Bushes only spawn in South America. When harvesting Char Bushes, you get 1 Char Nut. Char Nuts can be used to craft Specialization Potions, and are extremely useful ingredients. Char Bushes have a passive special effect. All creatures within 125 meters of Char Bushes are set on Fire.

Char Bushes, like all plants, can be uprooted. To uproot a plant, you need 50 Levitation Energy. It takes 15 seconds to uproot the plant, which can be done by clicking on the plant. Once the plant is uprooted, it can be found in your inventory. You can only carry one plant at a time. Once you find a spot to replant your Char Bush, you can go to your inventory and click on your shovel. There will be an option to re-plant your held plant. This also takes 15 seconds. If you plant your Char Bush outside of South America, it will become withered. Withered plants look different than normal plants, and cannot be harvested. After a week of a plant being withered, it will be destroyed. If you manage to save the plant in time, by using 3 Dew Tears, the plant will no longer be withered, and will be normal for one week. After the week is up, the Char Bush will become withered again. Every time that you harvest the Char Bush while it isn't in South America, you will shorten the amount of time before it is withered again.

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