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Char Fragment


Char fragments are one of the resources needed in the new Sky Realm. Char Fragments are commonly used for purchasing and upgrading cannons. Char Fragments can be acquired in two different ways. The first and most common way is to mine them. Char Fragments can be mined from Char Mines. Char Mines are special buildings that can be built on Floating Islands. They function like all other normal mines, except the quantity of which the resource is gained. When mining Char Mines, you will get anywhere between 5-20 Char Fragments. (5-40 w/ Troodont Doctrine) The second way of getting Char Fragments is by receiving them as a reward for completing a boarding of an NPC Construct Ship. There is usually a random Sky material reward, and Char Fragments are on of the possible rewards. Char Fragments are tradable.

Weight: 0.01 kg each
Dump value: 10 Gold

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