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Charge Skill

Charge skill is a Boar Pet skill which can be trained for 200 Food.

By teaching your boar the charge skill you gain the ability to use this skill to deal damage to monsters, other players, and their minions/golems and immobilize them at the same time. Targets affected by boar charge skill become prone for 10 seconds.

Training this skill

Simply tap the Boar Whistle within your items list and select the 'Train Charge Skill' option from the menu which appears.

Using this skill

Simply tap on the intended target to be attacked with the charge and select the 'Charge' option from the menu which appears.

Effects of Charge:

  • Splash damage attack that pushes all targets back
  • The distance pushed depends on the target type
  • Target also becomes prone (Prone targets can't attack or move for 10 seconds)
  • Can affect yourself with the charge if you are in range of it

Note: 90 second cool down period between uses of this skill

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