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Chat Terms


PK Chat Terms

Here are some terms often found in Parallel Kingdom (pk) chat rooms. Below is a second section with some general texting abbreviations often seen in PK chat rooms.

  • 1v1 = Player vs. player duel, one on one (1 vs. 1)
  • atk, att = Attack
  • buff = An effect that can occur as a result of a special metal on armor or weapon, or a monster's special ability
  • City-less Chat = Default city chat room for people who are not a member of any city (also called "Homeless" or "Hobo" Chat)
  • Conan = Conan the Librarian Helm - Most people studied at their library in the week. You can only study at a given library once, ever.
  • def = Defense
  • Dev = A pk Developer, someone who is involved in the creation of pk. An actual employee of PerBlue. Dev names appear in green in chat.

PK Terms: F

  • gf = Good fight (compliment after pvp) (or general chat term, "Girlfriend")
  • hat races = Weekly global competitions for individuals, cities, and kingdoms, that start and end every week at "reset".
  • hc = Help Chat or Hunting Chat
  • hp = Hit points (also known as "health") - how much damage a character has left before dying
  • Hilton = Hilton Headdress Be careful to only deal with people you trust for this!
  • Hobo = Someone who enjoys exploring the world of pk and/or founding cities
  • Hobo Chat, Homeless Chat = What people who are frequently not in cities call City-less Chat

PK Terms: I

  • Industrialist - City hat competition to earn the most city coins in a week. Mayor gets the hat, city gets the award on its profile.
  • Indy = Indy's Fedora - Competition to run the most dungeons in a week
  • inv = Invite (if the player on either end of an invite is indoors when it's issued, it only costs 2 feathers)
  • kd = Kingdom
  • Kingdom-less Chat = Default kingdom chat room for people who are not a member of any kd
  • legit = Legitimate (honest, trustworthy)
  • mag = magnathere
  • mats = materials - often whatever is needed to create or build something, but sometimes just general
  • Max = Miracle Max Hat - Most potions (and firebombs) crafted in a week
  • max hp = Maximum hit points. The number of hp a character has when uninjured. Max hp can be temporarily lowered by being killed by another player or poison or fire, or by taking a Rolly's Serum potion and not dying until it runs out an hour later. Max hp can be restored slowly with time, or by
  • Mod = Chat moderator. A player who has volunteered to help enforce the rules of public chat rooms to keep them safe for all. Note that there are multiple chat moderators. Any of them can use the anonymous brown "Moderator" name at any time. Note also that it is not allowed to chat about mods or chat bans in most public chat rooms.

PK Terms: N

  • ncs = Name Change Scroll
  • newb, noob = new player
  • Norris = Norris Headband - Most players killed in a week, not by poison or fire. Usually done in proving grounds now.
  • np = No problem
  • party = Normally a group dungeon/hunting group
  • pc = Price check
  • pg = Proving Grounds - City or kingdom building where players can fight each other without losing anything (except pets can still die)
  • pimp = Slumlord Pimp Hat
  • pk = Parallel Kingdom
  • plat = Platinum or Platinum Member
  • pm = Private Message(s)
  • proc = When a special metal on armor or weapon, or special ability of a monster, takes effect (buffs)
  • pve = Player vs. environment (hunting, dungeons, etc. - basically everything except pvp)
  • pvp = Player vs. player
  • reset = Every Saturday night at Midnight, U.S. Central time. Hat races begin and end at reset, individual kd bricks and city coins are zeroed, and city mayor races are determined. Hats are usually awarded approximately 15 minutes after reset from the race that has just concluded.

PK Terms: S

  • sc = Sunken City (level 30 dungeon) or Social Chat
  • spam = Posting of excessive messages on chat
  • swag = Special items available to buy for a short period of time
  • tag = Some people choose to identify themselves as part of a specific group by adding a "tag" to the front of their names, often in square brackets.
  • ToG = Tower of the Golem, level 35 dungeon
  • tc = Trading Chat
  • ts = (dragon pet) Tail Swing Skill
  • Urban Development - City hat competition to spend the most city coins in a week. Mayor gets the hat, city gets the award on its profile.
  • v = virgin (for swag) means no metal infused, no gem embedded, and no upgrades done (+0 or +1 level)
  • wh = Water hunt, water hunting

General Chat Terms

Below are some general chat/texting abbreviations often seen in pk chat rooms:

  • <3 = A heart (sideways). Sign of affection.
  • afk = Away from keyboard
  • atm = At the moment
  • app = Application
  • bbiam = Be back in a minute
  • bbias = Be back in a second
  • bbs = Be back soon
  • bf = Boyfriend
  • bff = Best friend forever
  • brb = Be right back
  • btw = By the way
  • dl = Download

General Terms: F

  • fmi = For more information
  • ftw = For the win, or F--- the world (there is some disagreement on this)
  • fwiw = For what it's worth
  • gf = Girlfriend
  • gl = Good luck
  • gm = Good morning
  • gn = Good night
  • gtfo = more rude version of "Get the h--- out"
  • gtho = Get the h--- out (Go away)
  • gtg = Got to go
  • hbu = How 'bout u? (How about you?)
  • hm = How much?
  • hru = How r u? (How are you?)

General Terms: I

  • ic - I see (phonetic)
  • idc = I don't care
  • idgaf = I don't give a ---- (more rude version of "I don't care")
  • idk = I don't know
  • idt = I don't think
  • idts = I don't think so
  • iirc = If I recall correctly
  • ikr = I know, right!
  • ily = I love you
  • imho = In my humble opinion
  • imnsho = In my not so humble opinion
  • imo = In my opinion
  • imy = I miss you
  • jk = Just kidding
  • js = Just saying
  • kb = Keyboard
  • l8r = Later (phonetic)
  • lf = Looking for
  • lmao = Laughing my a-- off
  • lol = Laughing out loud

General Terms: N

  • np = No problem
  • nty = No, thank you
  • nvm = Nevermind
  • oic = Oh I see (phonetic)
  • omg = Oh, my God
  • omw = On my way
  • otoh = On the other hand
  • pls, plz = Please
  • r = Are (phonetic)
  • rofl = Rolling on the floor laughing

General Terms: S

  • smh = Shaking my head
  • stfu = more rude version of "Shut the h--- up"
  • sthu = Shut the h--- up
  • tanstaafl = There ain't no such thing as a free lunch (you have to work for whatever you get)
  • thx = Thanks
  • ttyl = Talk to you later
  • ty = Thank you
  • tyvm = Thank you very much
  • u = You (phonetic)
  • wb = Welcome back
  • wtb = Want to Buy
  • wth = What the h---? (or Who the h---?)
  • wts = Want to Sell
  • wtt = Want to Trade
  • y = Why? (phonetic)
  • ymmv = Your mileage may vary (this works well for some people, might not work as well for everybody)
  • yw = You're welcome
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