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City Sewer


Many young adventurers have ventured down into the dark sewers of the City. All kinds of resources end up in the water currents ready for the taking. However, crawling creatures lurk in the shadows waiting for travelers to come near. The City is commissioning brave fighters to clear out the spider infestation in the Dungeon and help fill the City Coffers.

  • Has no level requirements to enter
  • Non-City Members can use the Dungeon to generate City Coins for the owning City
  • Killing Monsters inside and completion of the Dungeon both generate City Coins
    • Notice that Sewer is the only kind of Dungeon that generates City Coins!
  • 40,000 HP
  • Construction Costs: 100 Iron Slag, 1000 Crude Oil, 20,000 City Coins

City Sewers contains a variety of creatures including Sewer Turtles, Spiders, Rats and Fleas. At the sewer's heart dwells the Spider Queen, known only as Lolth. A Spatial Bubble may prove useful to you, as it will free you from the threat of becoming entrapped by a spider's web. Take care, as that is not the only trick the Spider Queen can call upon, for she also carries a potent venom.