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This item is used to bring up a zoomed out version of the map. This map shows your avatar at your current location and has icons for all of your estates, all the Treasure Maps, Dungeon Maps, and Territory Maps in your inventory, your current waypoint, and all lit signal flares. This map can be zoomed in and out and has no range. That's right, it is a worldwide map! The icons on the map will stay the same size regardless of the zoom.

At any given time you can select any object on your Compass Map to be a waypoint. The waypoint will show up as an arrow in the regular map view on the perimeter of your current circle. The arrow will point in the direction of the waypoint you've selected. You can only have one waypoint at a time. Each Compass gets 30 uses. Each day you use the compass (view compass map, view territory map, set waypoint), it wears out 3.3%, down to 0%, which can then be used one last time before breaking. The compass doesn’t wear out when in a trade post, and it shows how many days of usage are left in it.

As of the 12/21/10 Update, you can now manage Golems with your Compass on Map View. Golems will now count as Waypoints, visible to you anywhere in PK. They can be given orders from this view, as well as called to you for a certain cost of Roc Feathers.

Crafting Requirements

Weight: 1 kg
Dump value: 10 Gold