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Construct Battleship


Construct Battleships are special NPC Airships in the Sky Realm. Construct Battleships can only be created by activating a Seeker Temple. To create a Construct Battleship, go to a Seeker Temple with 5 Construct Beacons and 2 Dark Essence. Using these two materials, the Seeker Temple shoots out a projectile into the surrounding sky, and there forms a Construct Battleship! You need to fight the Construct Battleship on your Airship, like all other Construct Ships. Once the HP of the Construct Battleship is depleted, you can enter the ship.

You and your crew will be standing in the Construct Battleship. There are multiple rooms of the ship, all with lots of Constructs. The final room is the boss room, and tons of Constructs will be there to fight you. Once you kill all of the monsters in the final room, you will launch back onto your Airship with some rewards!

You will receive a certain number of Construct Vessels and another Sky-related resource. The number of Construct Vessels you receive depends on the tier, hull, and cannons of your airship. The Construct Battleship is destroyed after you reboard your airship.

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