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Construct Cruiser


Construct Cruisers are special enemies in the Sky Realm that you must disable and board to destroy, giving you special rewards. When you find a Construct Cruiser, you first need to attack it and deplete all of its HP. It will then be disabled.

At this point, if you are flying on a Mount, you will have an option to harvest Construct Essence from the disabled Construct Cruiser.

If you are flying in an Airship, you will have the option to "Board Ship."

Inside the Construct Cruiser, you will be back on foot as if you were in a dungeon. Your crew members will join you (0 come with your starting ship, 1 with the second tier, 2 with the third tier, and 3 with Kingdom Airships).

There are three separate rooms. The first two rooms have 4 Construct enemies, and the last room has a dozen Construct enemies such as Blade Constructs, Shield Constructs, and Crossbow Constructs. Once you defeat the last Construct in the last room, you will launch back to your Airship and gain a number of Construct Beacons depending on how powerful your Airship is, plus another random item reward, such as Rods or Fragments.

Note that Construct Cruisers are not like land dungeons; they will begin to decay if you hang around too long.

Note: A single Construct Cruiser can only be harvested by one player, and can only be boarded by one player. It may be possible for one Construct Cruiser to be both harvested and boarded, though.

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