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Construct Dreadnaught


The Construct Dreadnaught is the biggest and best equipped of the Construct Airships, so if you're going after this one, be prepared for a real battle.

To locate the Construct Dreadnaught, head to a Seeker Temple. To locate a Construct Dreadnaught will cost:

Once you have battled the Construct Dreadnaught ship and defeated it in the Sky, you may board it and battle the Crew. Aboard the Dreadnaught you will find several rooms with various Constructs inside. Each room will have 4 Constructs (A Mixture of Blade Constructs, Crossbow Constructs, and Shield Constructs). Until you reach the final room which will have a large group of Construct enemies to defeat.

Defeating the Construct Dreadnaught may reward you with either a Construct Heart or an amount of Aether Energy (amount varies depending on Airship and upgrade levels).

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