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Construct Essence


Construct Essence is a vital resource for those players wanting to get into the Sky Realm.

Construct Essence is used when creating a new Airship or building a new city or Kingdom Sky Dock.

There are several ways to get your hands on Construct Essence, these include:

On Land

  • Construct Essence is dropped by Fallen Constructs on land when they die
  • Construct Essence can be purchased from City Markets by players with the Mercantilism Skill
  • Players with the Cartography Skill might just be lucky to find Construct Essence within buried treasure

In The Sky Realm

  • Construct Essence can be harvested from Construct Cruisers while using a pet Mount(Griffin, Roc, or Dragon)
  • Construct Essence can be dropped by Constructs while boarding Construct Ships
  • Construct Beacons can be dumped for 3 Construct Essence Each

Weight: 0.1 kg each
Dump value: 10 Gold

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