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Country Manor


You can get a Country Manor by upgrading your Log Cabin. Your Country Manor will have all the benefits of a Log Cabin, plus it has more hit points, you can name it, and you can build additional upgrades onto it. Once you upgrade to Country Manor, you will be able to go to "Menu" and then "Estates" and you'll see a small picture of your Country Manor. By tapping this, you'll have the option to Visit.

To go inside of your Country Manor, tap the building on the map and select "Enter." You'll go inside and you can drop items and resources on the ground for storage. On the left wall, you'll notice a door. This door will take you to your upstairs where you can go inside the various upgrades you've built onto your Country Manor.

You can only have one Country Manor, so if you ever want to move it, you'll have to destroy your current one first and build a new one somewhere else.

To build a Country Manor, select your current Log Cabin and select "Upgrade"

Resources Needed:

Once your Country Manor is built, you'll be able to select and build four additional upgrades onto the Country Manor if you have the resources. To build any of these upgrades, just go to the top floor of your manor and tap a door. One door gives you the option to build a Roc Chapel, another a Drafting Room, etc. The upgrades happen instantly and you can enjoy their benefits right away.

Available Manor Additions:

Building Hit Points: 4,000
Burn Time: 100 Hours