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Crawlers are horrible creatures. Living in the mud, they resemble a cross between a chambered nautilus and the star display of a carnival freakshow. Crawlers latch onto their prey using two long tentacles, and once attached, they begin to chew. Luckily, a single crawler can only deal a little damage, and it usually only takes two good strikes to kill them. However, if left alone, they will kill their intended victim, and when presented with a suitable corpse, they will burrow inside and lay their eggs. Be aware of any corpse killed by these things, they are likely waiting nearby.

Crawlers are unlike any other creature. They are found in small groups, but will only attack if you come too close. They do not attack as a group, unless you approach each one individually. If they catch your scent, they will stick onto you until one of you is dead. Each Crawler that attaches to you will slow your movement speed, so don't let too many grab you!

Best Weapon Set
Dagger/Longbow/Blowdart, Breastplate/Leather Armor/Dragon Scalemail

Item drop

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