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Crowns and Tiaras are symbols of dedication, power, and excess, just like the kings and queens of old. They can be created using Gems. When you have at least one Gem, go to your inventory and tap the Gem. This will bring up the option to make a Crown or a Tiara.

The size of your Crown/Tiara depends on how many Gems are used in its creation. There are 3 different sizes:

1-4 Gems = Small crown_topaz_1.png crown_amethyst_1.png crown_emerald_1.png crown_ruby_1.png crown_diamond_1.png

5-19 Gems = Medium crown_topaz_2.png crown_amethyst_2.png crown_emerald_2.png crown_ruby_2.png crown_diamond_2.png

20+ = Large crown_topaz_3.png crown_amethyst_3.png crown_emerald_3.png crown_ruby_3.png crown_diamond_3.png

  • Note: Crowns and Tiaras cannot be undone and Gems used in the creation of Crowns and Tiaras cannot be used anywhere else.