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Crude Oil


Crude oil is an important resource found near cities. It is necessary to build Buoys, Armories, Research Labs, Crystal Huts, and Garrison Posts. It is also need to start structures on fire.

Where to Find

  • To harvest your own crude oil, you must collect it from Oil Wells. First, claim a Well, then tap it and Grow a Golem. Tap the Golem and tell it to "Harvest Crude Oil." Once the Golem gets to the well, it will start harvesting and the Crude Oil will automatically be stored in your oil well. To collect it, tap the Oil Well and "Collect Crude Oil."
  • Some alternative ways to get Crude Oil is to Raid someone else's oil well, or to harvest some else's crude, however, you will be subjected to the price set by the well owner.
  • Crude Oil can also be found for sale in Trade Posts

Weight: 0.01 kg
Dump value: 4g