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Crystal is an important resource found near cities. They are necessary to build Siege Factories, Crystal Huts, Garrison Posts and War Camps.

Where to Find

  • To harvest your own crystal, you must collect it from Crystal Huts built near Crystal Patches. Send a Golem to one of your Crystal Huts and it will harvest crystal and store it in your crystal hut. Then tap the Crystal Hut and choose to "Collect Crystal".
  • An alternative way is to Raid someone else's crystal hut.
  • Crystal is not tradeable

Crystal can be used to purchase optional research in your Research Lab. Among the possible upgrades are more Golems, more Oil Wells and Crystal Huts, and more Siege Factories and Armories.

Crystal is also used for Craftable Interior Decorations, being the Crystal Furniture set, and Craftable Exterior Decorations, the Mystical Orb, Crystal Lamp, and Garden Troll.

Crystal can also be used to Craft the Scavenger's Lantern by using one Lantern case and 2000 crystal.

Crystal is also vital resource to Kingdoms, as it is used to upgrade Kingdom Towers, Kingdom Airships Cannons and Brick Mines located over the Kingdom's airspace.

Weight: 0.01 kg
Dump value: 8g