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Cursed Pyramid


A Cursed Pyramid is an evil structure, that only spawns during the most ominus and dark times of the year. Cursed Pyramids were first released during the Cursed Pyramid Update (Halloween 2012). The Cursed Pyramid emenates dark and ancient magic, magic that nobody can harness. Evil spirits are drawn to this untamed magic. It's not often you will find a Cursed Pyramid without seeing a Mummy or a Priestess.

For just 5,000 Gold, you can explore a Cursed Pyramid.

When you explore a Cursed Pyramid, you can initiate one of two things:

  • 15% of the time, you will explore the pyramid, and you will earn pages for your exploration. The amount of pages you earn can be calculated by multiplying your character level times 250.(# of Pages = 250L when L= your chatacter level) Say you are Level 10, you get 2,500 pages. 20, 5,000 pages. 30, 7,500 pages, and 40, 10,000 pages. If you are one of the people in the 15% and you get the pages, you will have to wait 6 hours until you can explore the Cursed Pyramid again.
  • 85% of the time when you explore a Cursed Pyramid, you will begin the Event.

When you begin the event, you release Priestesses and Mummies. If you survive their attacks, Ammit, the Goddess of Death will come out of the Pyramid. If you can defeat Ammit, the Cursed Pyramid will crumble, and leave behind pretty awesome spoils. On the ground, where the Cursed Pyramid used to stand, will be lying three rings for your taking. These unpolished rings will be called "Cursed Pyramid Rings".

Cursed Pyramids do not always spawn in the same location, they are also spawned less frequently after Halloween.

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