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Cursed Pyramid Rings

Cursed Pyramid Rings are found when you defeat the Cursed Pyramid. They have their own unique name when they're dropped - "Unpolished Cursed Pyramid Ring", and provide unique bonuses, as outlined below.

Cursed Pyramid Rings are special because they're only found when defeating the Cursed Pyramid. Cursed Pyramids will drop 3 Unpolished Cursed Pyramid Rings. The polishing cost for these Rings is the same cost as normal rings:

  • Minor - No polishing cost
  • Fair - 10 Refined Oil (5 if Platinum)
  • Major - 25 Refined Oil (12 if Platinum)
  • Grand - 50 Refined Oil (25 if Platinum)

Dumping an unpolished Cursed Pyramid Ring gives you a chance of receiving a Cursed Pyramid Ring Core. The higher level the ring, the greater the chance is.

Dumping a ring or amulet that has been forged with Cursed Pyramid Ring Core(s) is guaranteed to return one core from a ring, two of the three from an amulet.

Bonus Type Description Color Adjective Noun
Undead Defense Increases Defense vs. Undead Monsters and Minions, and Players infected with Vampirism White Unholy Ghoul
Undead Attack Increases Attack vs. the Undead (as above) White Vengeful Undead Slayer
Less Revive Delay Reduces the time it takes for you to respawn after you die Green Undying Mummy
+ Max HP Reduction Increases Max HP Lost By Players You Kill Purple Cursed Curse

NOTE: "Less Revive Delay" is a reduction on the amount of time it takes for you to spawn when you die. For example, if your Ring says "6 Seconds Less Revive Delay", when you die you will respawn in 9 seconds instead of 15.

NOTE: "+ Max HP Reduction" is an additional reduction of a Player's Max HP when you kill that player. For example: if Player A has a Grand HP Reduction Ring equipped and kills Player B, Player B will lose 8 Max HP instead of 5.

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