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Dark Monolith


Dark Monolith War Events

Dark Monoliths

The Covetous Golem, Jhramet, has returned to Parallel Kingdom and he's brought his Dark Monoliths with him. Throughout the world, these Dark Monoliths will spawn in unpopulated areas and will attack anything that gets near. These deadly towers can only be damaged by Golems as Kingdoms fight over who gets destroy them. As Kingdoms damage the Monoliths, they will earn points and possibly win a reward upon its destruction.

Dark Monolith Tickets

  • Each Kingdom can purchase 1 Ticket to the next Dark Monolith event from Monks (Grand Monk included) or your War Table (Levels 1-3) and costs 50,000 Gold.
  • Depending on the number of Tickets sold, multiple Dark Monoliths are created and Kingdoms are spread out evenly across them.
  • Monks/War Tables and purchased Tickets can all be examined to see the next Dark Monolith spawn time.
  • As soon as the Dark Monolith is ready, players can use the Ticket once to warp roughly near their location.
  • Dark Monoliths will always be visible somewhere outside the circle after warping to them.
  • Dark monoliths will spawn every 18 hours.

Dark Monolith Fighting

  • The goal of Dark Monolith events is to be the Kingdom with the most points on the Monolith when it's destroyed.
  • Hardened flags within a 3 flag radius of the dark monolith will burn at the same rate as unhardened flags.
  • To earn Points on the Monolith, simply damage it using:
  • Points are earned on a Per Kingdom basis. Kingdom Member deaths, Golem deaths, or Buildings destroyed when near the Dark Monolith will all result in negative Points
    • Player Death: -500
    • Oil Golem Death: -10,000
    • Flag Destroyed: -20,000
    • Building Destroyed: -20,000
  • Scores can be viewed using an action on the Dark Monolith (even when outside your circle)
  • Dark Monoliths have 300,000 HP
  • When the Dark Monolith is destroyed, the Kingdom with the highest Score will be awarded 50,000 Bricks for each Kingdom that used a monolith ticket to get there.
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