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Dark Overseer


The Dark Overseer is one of 3 Sunken City sub-bosses alongside the Dark General and the Hydraloth.

The Dark Overseer is the head cultist of the dark order whose command over the dark arts is only out-matched by Khaothul. Utilizing his affinity with the dark order allows for the Dark Overseer to teleport away from danger, spawn dark bombs, and open rifts in space and time to allow members of the dark order to spill into the Sunken City.

The Dark Overseer has the ability to corrupt your Minions. Be careful, once your minion has been corrupted it will start attacking you!

The Dark Overseer will award all Torch bearers a Khaos Orb when defeated.

Best Weapon Set
Longbow, Blowdart, Dagger
Breastplate, Dragon Scalemail