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Dead Metal


A Special Metal that summons the undead.

Crafting Requirements

Weight: 0.1 kg

Three Dead Metal can be infused into ONE weapon OR armor. See Special Metals or Workbench for more detailed information on how to do this.

Note: On Tuesday 11/6/12 the way dead metal works was changed significantly (View update hut post Here).

Dead Metal Weapon

If you have no skeletons, the first killing blow made with this weapon will spawn one.

Further killing blows made with this weapon will have one of 2 effects:

  • If your current skeleton's level is below +6, that skeleton's level is increased by +1 and its 1 hour summon timer is reset.
  • If your current skeleton's level is already +6 then a new skeleton is spawned and the process begins again. (Maximum amount of total minions following at any one time is 5, unless using a Commanding/Leader ring.)

Skeletons also now have the ability to heal which improves slightly as their level increases. Skeletons will only heal if their owner is wielding a weapon or a piece of armor infused with Dead Metal.

Dead Metal Armor

If you die, a Lich version of yourself is created with equivalent strength weapons and armor which will fight alongside you. The Lich has no special abilities. It's weapon/defense items are destroyed when the Lich is destroyed. The Lich does not heal and lasts for 1 day. You can not have more than 1 Lich at a time, i.e. if you die again your first Lich is destroyed and another one is spawned. Also if you were killed by another player and your dead armor takes the last blow you will lose 3 of your max HP instead of 5.

Liches now also have to ability to heal which acts as if they are eating a mourning berry.

Minions with Dead Weapons/Armor

As of May 2016, your troll minions or airship crewmates can also use dead weapons to spawn skellies and crewmates (but not trolls) can spawn liches from dead armor/shields if you equip them with it. However, any skeletons and liches they spawn will count toward your minion limit just as if they had been spawned by you, and the healing bonus will only apply when you are using dead weapon/armor - just as if you had spawned them yourself. You cannot have more than one lich, whether your crewmates spawned it or you did.

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