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Dew Lily

dew_lily_fruit.png dew_lily.png dew_tear.png

The Dew Lily is a Water Plant that only spawns in Shallow Water. When harvesting Dew Lilies, you get 1 Dew Tear. Dew Tears can be used to craft Specialization Potions, revitalize withered plants, and are extremely useful ingredients. Dew Lilies have a passive special effect. All creatures within 125 meters of Dew Lilies heal at half the speed of a Mourning Tree.

Dew Lilies, like all plants, can be uprooted. To uproot a plant, you need 50 Levitation Energy and a Shovel. It takes 15 seconds to uproot the plant, which can be done by clicking on the plant. Once the plant is uprooted, it can be found in your inventory. You can only carry one plant at a time.

When you find a spot to replant your Dew Lily, you can go to your inventory and click on your shovel. There will be an option to re-plant your held plant. This also takes 15 seconds. Dew Lilies can only be replanted in Water. They cannot be planted on Land.

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