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Dog Whistle


Your dog whistle is located in your inventory and can be used to call your Hunting Dog for hunting and feeding. New players will want to "Call Pet to Hunt" frequently because the Dog is very useful for finding open hunting territory. When you call your dog, it will stay with you for an hour, and the hour is chipped away by 1 minute each time it is used for travel.

Once the Dog's timer expires, your dog will return home and need some time to rest before you can call it again. As your dog ages, it will need longer and longer resting times. If you want to refresh your Dog and reset its resting timers you can "Call Pet to Feed." This costs 65 Food and your Dog will show up next to you, ready to go. After feeding the dog will only need short resting periods in between hunts... until it ages again.

When your Dog goes home to rest, the Dog Whistle will show the time when your Dog will become available again.

Hunting Dog Skills:

The Dog Whistle can also be used to train your dog some skills, although this is not recommended until you are at least a level 4 character.

Note: Each of these skills costs 200 Food to unlock.

Weight: none
Dump value: cannot dump
Dog Whistles are player bound and cannot be dropped or traded.